... I found one way to fly...

Horses have taught me that spirit is something you can’t take away, and a whinny says more than a person could say-

      It is said that the breed of the horse is what makes or breaks it, but in all truth, every horse offers the same thing to people no matter what the breed... confidence, self- esteem, peace, tranquility, hope, and a sence of freedom that no one else can offer you! When you are riding a horse, the wind flys through your hair as if you had wings yourself... the sound of the hooves hitting the ground, create the power and speed in which no one can creat themselves.

The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasureable, and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back.
                                                                                  -Amber Senti

About Me.

       I am  a recent graduate from Black Hawk College,  with an equestrian science degree. I have been riding horses my entire life, and have ridden many different breeds and have tried many different styles of riding. I started off riding quarter horses at a local lesson facility, it was there that I found  I had a true passion and undying love  for horses at the age of six. I moved onto Saddlebreds a few years later, and trained out of Trinity Farms, with Julie Kaufman. It was there that I developed my true love for these spirited horses and found the desire to show! Sadly, Julie moved to Kentucky, which led me in the direction of the wonderful thoroughbred! I galloped layup racehorses, conditioning them back up for the track. In between jobs, I discovered the Tennessee Walking Horse , and worked with Marilyn Altman out of Spruce Creek Farms. I then found a job cleaning stalls at L&P Appy Acres, which then turned into a huge learning experience. Throughout the years of working there, I built up friendships with the boarders and owner of the farm, I then began giving lessons and working with problem horses. From there, I started breaking colts, giving lessons, and conditioning show horses. After many years of following my passion I decided that horses were always going to be a part of my life and I needed a career to support my habit. I started pre- requisite classes, and was heading towards a nursing degree. I would sit in class and think about riding.... riding... and riding. I realized that this was not the path for me and decided that Black Hawk College was the route I should have taken all along! When you have a passion and the drive behind you to make it happen, anything is possible. I was an active competitor/ member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Team, and  pointed out of my division which had qualified me for regionals!
       I am now in search of finding a trainer in which I can work under, and expand my knowledge and abilities. I feel the only way to become the best you can be, is to learn from some of the best.  I would love the opportunity to experience different aspects in the industry, and learn the ins and outs to make a successful training facility of my own one day!